Parshva Polymers is a Trading & Distributing of Engg, Masterbatches and chemicals serving a diverse range of industries including the automotive industry, electrical & electronics industries, packaging industry, appliance industry, pipe, medical industry, agriculture industry & consumer goods industries.

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About Us
Parshva Polymers is a  "Trading, Distributing and Indenting House"owned by Technocrats based in the India. Parshva Polymer’s business is based on rock solid practices and streamlined operations and has a great growth potential. Parshva Polymer focuses on chemical, performance engineering materials and masterbatches. These materials and chemicals find application… [Read More...]
Parshva Polymers offers a full range of products to ensure that we meet the growing needs of our customers. We pride ourselves on partnering with leading suppliers to ensure we deliver high quality and consistent materials. Our goal is to continually provide cost effective technologically advanced solutions.... [Read More...]

Parshva Polymers trades in a wide range of performance engineering materials, masterbatches and chemical and has clients in a diverse range of industries including:

The level of customer satisfaction and level of customer-retention are the key performance indicators of any business. Parshva Polymers believes that striving not merely to meet the needs of the customers but to exceed their expectations is the prologue to any success story. The ever-expanding list of our customers stands testimony to Parshva Polymers ....[Read More...]
At Parshva Polymers, we pride ourselves in service excellence. Our focus is on adding value to our customers by supplying the right quality at the right price and delivered on time. World Class Service: A prompt and accurate response system to your queries 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Efficient delivery: We have long terms dealing transporters. We guarantee prompt and safe delivery at your doorstep..…[Read More...]
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Parshva Polymers can be contacted either via our feedback form  or we can be reached at

  Office :
A / 32, 304, Yogi Park, 
Yogi Nagar, Eksar Road, 
Borivali (W), Mumbai - 400 092
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