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Polyacetal (polyoxymethylene), produced from formaldehyde, is a linear chain polymer with a flexible backbone and hence a low Tg ( -85 oC).

POM is available in two families:

Homopolymer: end - capped to prevent depolymerisation.

Copolymer: comonomer to reduce decomposition.

POM is highly crystalline with a Tm of 170 oC, resulting in a tough hard thermoplastic with low coefficient of friction, good wear resistance and excellent fatigue resistance.

Homopolymer POM has higher stiffness, higher strength and lower coefficient of friction compared to Copolymer POM.

Copolymer POM has better impact resistance, better resistance to hot water and caustic solutions and has better dimensional stability.


Gears, bearings, bushes, conveyor belts, springs, latch mechanisms, snap fits, aerosol valves, switches, plumbing fittings.