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Polyamides (PA)
PA6 - Nylon-6

Also known as Nylon-6, PA6 is made from a single monomer called caprolactam (or 6-amino-caproic acid) and is used in a wide range of industries and products including parachutes, toothbrushes, tents, ropes, textiles, carpets, industrial fibres, engineering plastics and film. Due to its excellent properties and its pricing, Nylon-6 is the material of choice for many consumer goods and industrial applications.


Nylon-6 is used everyday and everywhere because it is a versatile and exciting material, unrivalled in its number of applications.

Technical fibres. Nylon-6 can be used in a variety of technical and industrial fibres including tire cord (where it accounts for the largest share of synthetic reinforcement of heavy-duty tires in the world), ropes, nets, fishing lines, tarpaulins, machine-covers, safety belts, air bags, mechanical rubber goods, etc.

Engineering plastics. Nylon-6 also can be used as a compounded material, reinforced with glass fiber, glass bead or minerals.

Film. PA6 is used for films in the food packaging, industrial packaging and medical industries.

Textiles. PA6 is used a large variety of textiles and clothing including hosiery, lingerie, sportswear, swimwear, casual wear, fashion wear and socks. It can also be found in umbrellas, luggage, tents, parachutes, sleeping bags and so on.

Carpets, rugs and home textiles. Nylon-6 based carpets and rugs made with are aesthetic, comfortable and durable.

PA66 - Nylon-66

Nylon 6-6, also referred to as nylon 6,6, is a polyamide from nylon class. Nylons come in many types, and the two most common for textile and plastics industries are nylon 6 and nylon 6,6. The polymer is made of hexamethylenediamine and adipic acid, which give nylon 6,6 a total of 12 carbon atoms in each repeating unit, and its name.

With excellent durability and resistance to heat, fatigue and friction, it is a great material for components subjected to harsh or difficult operating conditions, in automobiles, machines, electrical equipment, and electronic systems.

It is used for ball bearing cages, electro-insulating elements, pipes, profiles and various machine parts. Other popular applications are: carpet fibres, apparel, airbags, tyres, zip ties, ropes, conveyor belts, hoses and the outer layer of turnout blankets.