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Nylon 6/66 Compounds

We keep ready stocks of unfilled, glass filled & others compounded grades. We can also offer polyamide compounded based on PA‘6, PA’66 like Mineral Filled Grades, MOS2 Filled Grades, Heat Stabilized Grades, Flame Retardant Grades, Hydrolytic Resistant Grades, High Impact Grades, Unfilled & Glass Filled Super Tough Grades, UV Stabilized Grades. Due to its excellent properties and its pricing, Nylon-6 is the material of choice for many consumer goods and industrial applications.


  • High-quality electrical insulating materials
  • High mechanical strength
  • Thermal stability
  • Good impact resistance even at low temperatures
  • Sliding friction properties


Nylon-6/66 is used everyday and everywhere because it is a versatile and exciting material, unrivalled in its number of applications.

Automobile Industry. Nylon-6/66 can be found in a number of Automotive plastic applications including Radiator Fan, Radiator Grill, Head/Tail Lamp Housing, Speedometer Gears, Door Handles, Fuel oil filter housing, air intake manifolds, automotive under the hood parts, wheel caps, seat belt and airbag parts etc.

Electrical/Electronics Industry. Nylon-6/66 resins, due to a combination of excellent electrical properties can be used in various applications such as Circuit Breaker, Battery Casing, Switch / Switch Parts, Terminal / Connectors, Carbon Brush Holder, Lamp Housing, Bobbins etc..

General Industry. Nylon-6/66 can be found in a number of other applications such as Gears / Bushes / Cams, Impeller Fans, Ropeway Pulley, Coupling Components, Roller, Castors, Nylock Nut/Washers, Idler Seals, Water Meter Housing, Insulator Liners and other textile applications.